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Dear friends, dear lights,

A very warm welcome in our websites. I deeply believe that all texts you will find here will lead you to what you are looking for. I believe, that thanks to those information, you will realise that your life on Earth is not only an coincidence. You are precious light being in human body who was blessed with a gift of experiencing what means to be a human. And when you will approach your life with love and openness, afterwards you will fall in love with your life in new way, way of your mission. I wish you a very pleasant reading with a thousands of beautiful moments in opening to your self-awareness.

Marketa Selinijana

Healthy Spirituality

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About us

„Every experience you have has a reason. Once you understand what this experience is, you have all tools to master your life and become a human being, who is living in tune with inner and outer abundance. Abundance mirrors in everything you do, in all aspects of your life, from health through harmonically relationships, up to your spiritual gifts about which humanity have been dreaming for a long time. Nothing is impossible and the boundaries are only inside of you. Miracles comes when all boundaries are moved aside.“

Extremes of Earth

Planet Earth is an exceptional planet in the Universe. In matter of fact, our world is far more than pleasure for our eyes. When you would look around and sense the energy, you wouldn´t be able to stop be amazed what is possible on Earth, what this planet offers to us and how she alleviates our lives when we are keen to listen to her. Come and take a look with us on spiritual jewels of Lady Gaia.


Kryon – Scrolls of your Wisdom

Book and 52 cards for loving and deep way of self-development. Book and cards are powerful tools for your transformation in the energy of the pure light. Your inner self will deeply fall in love with the set of “Scrolls of your Wisdom” immediately. It is handbook of which is your inner self already aware. Ask your heart and listen closely what whispers to you about sacred journey of transformation which you can began through scrolls of your wisdom.

Currently available only in Czech language. 

Arantia Vision

Arantia is one of the spiritual names of Lady Gaia. It is highly vibrating inner sacred realm of Earth which had never been touched by duality. Harmony reigns in all of its niveaus. It is sacred realm which supports the process of rising the vibrations of the whole planet Earth. However, Arantia sacred beings yet respects all decisions of entire humankind as well as they respects the free will of each of human beings. They has overlooked upon the process of rising energies for thousands years. As the vibrations rising process culminates, Arantia beings come up in order to actively help to those, who are ready and who are living in tune with natural laws of Lady Gaia, to restore their inner awareness. We are living in very thrilling and extraordinary time where we can be part of miracles, where coincidences doesn´t exist and where worlds fade into one another.

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