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Marketa Selinijana is the spiritual channelling medium, seminar leader and coach of New Age energies. She has been guided towards her own envoi since her early childhood. She represents the idea, that every human being has a right to live life full of love, absolute health, abundance and miracles, and that we are born to learn and experience those. With help and guidance of spiritual world she begins act as an mediator, who helps us to release and clear all the stagnant and blocking energies on our life path, so we can walk freely towards our life purpose in infinite abundance and freedom. For all of us, the path towards ultimately happy and full-valued life may be open and start through this process.

Marketa Selinijana is the author of books "Kryon - Find Way To Yourself" and "Kryon - Scrolls of Your Wisdom" and 3 audio CDs with energetic meditations. She regularly channels Kryon´s messages for the public, leads personal and virtual group seminars and projects with focus on physical body and Lady Gaia support. She works very closely with spirits of nature kingdoms and also, she participates on creation and manufacture of Arantia aura essences. Arantia aura essences holds high vibrating energies of pure light that helps people recall on who they truly are – the Divine Beings on the Earth.



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